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Dr. Capozzi

Dr. Josh Capozzi is a partner at Verber Dental Group.  He serves as the Managing Doctor at Capozzi Dental in Etters, PA where he is passionate about forming long-lasting relationships with his patients and becoming an advocate for their orofacial health. This desire to care for patients more comprehensively has led Dr. Capozzi to follow through with a multitude of post-doctoral training.

Advanced training in Cosmetics, Airway, TMJ Disorders, Orthodontics, Implant Prosthetics, Occlusal disorders, and Full Mouth Rehabilitation has allowed him to carry out treatment using a multidisciplinary approach to unravel the most difficult dental cases.  In addition to practicing at his office, Dr. Capozzi treats more complex patients at the Dental Specialty Center in Enola, PA where he pools his knowledge with a team of dental specialists and lab technicians.

When Dr. Capozzi is not attending to patients in his practice, he is employed as a clinical instructor for the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting program at Harrisburg Area Community College. He is also a lecturer and mentor on the faculty of the Verber Advanced Dental Institute.  Teaching allows him the opportunity to give back to the community while helping train the next generation of dental professionals to carry forward the ideals of a comprehensive and patient-focused approach to dental care.

Dr. Capozzi lives in Mechanicsburg and enjoys golf, hunting, and hiking. He also works with his wife Ashley as the personal chauffeur, chef, and activities coordinator for their two crazy kiddos.