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Brushing Teeth Too Hard

Can You Brush Your Teeth Too Hard?

Brushing your teeth is one of the basic foundations in keeping your dental hygiene at its best, as such, it is important to make sure you are doing it the right way to ensure the best results. Though there are many different orders and methods in which to brush your teeth correctly if you brush too hard or not enough this can lead to damage.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity is a condition in which your tooth’s enamel is worn down over time leading to exposed nerves. This wearing down and exposing the tooth’s nerves causing high reactions to activities such as eating, brushing too hard, and high or low temperature.

If you are someone who has sensitive teeth, brushing too hard may increase this wearing down of your tooth’s enamel, and be counterintuitive in your efforts for a healthier mouth. Remember that brushing harder doesn’t mean you are cleaning your teeth any more than brushing at normal pressure and can do more harm than good!

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Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the gum line that surrounds the teeth at its visible bases starts to wear away. When gum recession develops, this allows for bacteria to build up at those sensitive exposed areas.

Gum recession is caused by many factors such as genetics, inadequate dental care, hormonal changes, and aggressive tooth brushing. No matter the cause, if you are someone who is suffering from gum recession, brushing your teeth too hard can be very damaging.

Such aggressive brushing causes irritation and inflammation, allowing for the gums to slowly and continually recede back creating more tooth sensitivity.

Brush Correctly

So far we have seen that incorrect or too hard of brushing can cause painful damage to both the gums and teeth alike. As such, it is up to you to learn how to brush correctly. Dentists recommend using soft toothbrushes rather than stiff no-give brushes.

Don’t forget a good cavity reducing toothpaste, and if you have sensitive teeth you should get a specialized Sensodyne toothpaste to help relieve discomfort. After you find a good toothbrush and toothpaste you then should begin brushing your teeth with your brush angled 45 degrees.

By angling your toothbrush, you will be dually cleaning both your teeth and the gum line above or below the tooth. Follow this method covering all of your teeth, the front, back, and top of each.

Don’t forget to also brush your tongue! People tend to forget to brush their tongue but by brushing it you are removing bacteria that can harm your teeth and make your breath smell bad. Lastly, brush your teeth at least twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene!

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